Korean World

Three of main the six companies of the world in term of capitalization in the market are Chinese. Li Ning does the fight to him to Adidas, Nike and Puma by the sport market. Lenovo has acquired the division of personal computers of IBM. Nine Dragoons are the main producer of paper of the world. PetroChina is surpassing to Exxon Mobile like the oil transnational major. The Industrial development bank and Commercial of China (ICBC) has displaced to City like the greater bank of the planet. In the year of the China rat some in the globe in its number of internauts will not have rival, in its level of exports and also in its degree of carbon emissions that contaminate the atmosphere. China already is the second buyer of cars of the world and has a mark (Chery) that wants to be competing with the Korean and Japanese cars.

China, that already sent a ship towards the moon, now will send its first man to the space. Certainly the beginning of the year of the rat has arrived with a series of serious problems for this country. The festive season is the unique annual time at which many workers travel to their towns to eet again themselves with their families. In this the greater exodus takes place than it knows the planet: about 180 million of Chinese move temporarily towards their regions. Nevertheless, this century has been the worse winter in the middle, the same that it has caused more of $US 8 billions in material losses. This new year also comes with certain scent to water-drainage due to the crisis of the bags that struck to the one of Shanghai and that foretells one recession in the USA. However, the emergent China and markets think that they will continue growing in spite of the declivity of the mega-power.

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