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Cruises by the sea in the world are carried out by different circular routes. We consider here only the cruise ships by the Mediterranean Sea and to the Baltic Sea through Northern Europe. The Mediterranean sea cruises arguing about Mediterranean cruises, noted lack them because the main thing are divided into two groups: Western and Eastern. The first group includes routes that last a week or two circular (for the course of the needle of the clock or against) to the Western Mediterranean along the coasts of the South of the Spain and France and the western coast of Italy. In some cases boats will pass through North Africa (the Tunisia and the Egypt), to the islands of Madeira, Canaries, the Sicily, the Malta, the Elbe, the Corsica, Sardinia, Majorca, also to Venice (although the ciudad-isla most often serves as starting point for cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean). Most of the Western cruises begin or in the city Spanish Barcelona, or inthe Italian city Genoa or Chivittavekie (the port near Rome). As a rule, it is necessary to make the boats landing on the following ports (except listed above): Villfranshe (near Marseille), Cann, Monte Carlo, Livourne, Naples. Circumnavigations Oriental by the Sea (whose duration is 10 or 12 days) usually start from Venice or Genoa.

Stops and the tourists landings are carried out in the South of Italy (Naples, Mescina), in the Malta, in Dubrovnic (Croatia), in Istanbul (Turkey), in Piraeus (Greece), in the various Greek Islands, on Israeli ports Ashhod and Haifa and Port Said (Egypt). Cruises to Europe Norteoccidental these cruises are made for purpose of, first, visit admirable Norwegian fjords, per second the capitals of Scandinavia, see the beauty of the city of Russia St. Petersburg! Although for Russian tourists may not be suitable to the second capital of Russia visit and pay for that visit the much higher price than for the trip on the train to Petersburgo. Besides boats arrive to Dutch ports Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Germans Kil and Rostock (rarely to ports French Le Havre or Diunkerk), the English port Sautguempton, and boats that are more compact through the River Thames sailing even to London which is additional bait for passengers. Although it does lack pointing that there is the possibility to visit the Norwegian fjords and pay for that pleasure magnificent price low if exploited the service of one of the local small boats or boat in Norway. For example the author of these lines in 2005 has paid 35 euros for the ride by the Soghefiordo for 2 hours in the compact boat. Such are the main routes of cruises.

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