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On November 7, 2010 Barcelona became capital Catholic because Pope Benedicto XVI consecrated the Church of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. In this way, already is allow to perform masses in the popular basilica. 21St century cathedral is as it is named the Holy Family in the last tiemposporque, this century, will be the primary religious building finished. To that did not know that it has passed more than one century since the beginning of its construction? is La Sagrada Familia the most visited attraction in Spain? It is estimated that it will not be completed until 2026? Barcelona is considered one of the cultural capitals of the Mediterranean area and has much more to offer. You can find them some very interesting suggestions below: the MACBA this Museum is characterized by the importance of his works of Catalan authors of the history, particularly of the 20th century. Among its permanent collection are paintings that allow you to trace a path through some of the most important aspects of the contemporary pictorial conception, at the same time that wants to contribute to the exercise of the critical memory. Its funds starting in the 1950s and are constituted by a considerable collection of paintings by artists of Catalonia, Spaniards and foreigners. It is located in the middle of the famous and multicultural area of el Raval, and one of its attractions are not permanent exhibitions.

For more information about these temporary exhibitions see the web to take advantage of their stay and visit the temporary expo of the moment. On the web it find all the information, also, concerning the authors who exhibited in MACBA and his major works. The tickets to the entire Museum (including the temporary exhibition) for 7.5 euros and 6 (students, Carnet Jove or groups of more than 20 people). The entrance to the entirety of the Museum is also free for the over 65s and children aged 14.

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