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Spain has several palaces, houses and palaces that were, or are, residence of Spanish monarchs.Today belonging to patrimonio nacional Royal palaces; authentic houses of Kings.The Palace of el Pardo or the Zarzuela are still used by our monarchs. Others such as Aranjuez, San Lorenzo de el Escorial or la Granja de San Ildefonso and Riofrio’s may visit to discover the splendour of the monarchies in past centuries.In the province of segovia is located these last two. 11 Km from the capital of the province, at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama overflowing somewhere in nature lies the town and Palace of la Granja de San Ildefonso. It is a large building that was begun in 1971, participating in its construction architects such as Teodoro Ardemans or Juan Bautista Sacheti, who got a beautiful blend of Spanish Baroque and French style. Preserved decoration of the era, Flemish paintings of the 17TH century and a magnificent collection of tapestries. Although the best of the Palace are undoubtedly their gardens with plant variety;and their monumental fountains, with eye-catching water features.

A small Versailles in the Centre of the Iberian peninsula.At 15 km. farm Riofrio Palace is located.The building is a square building, surrounded by an extensive encinar of 700 hectares in which abundant animal life (deer, mainly). Italian style holds works by Rivera, Velazquez, Rubbens and others. Part of the building is conditioned as a hunting Museum.To stay a quality and economic option would be to opt for the vacation rental in a rustic House in the nearby town of Santiuste de Pedraza.

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