Bank Access

Carder must somehow get into the database of the bank. Therefore, it is easy to guess that without an accomplice on the other side of the window, "he can not do. If you victim carders – do not despair. Despite the seeming hopelessness of the situation, you have a good chance to recover their money. The first thing to do if you discover the loss of his credit card – is to call bank and block it. Often in agreement on the issue cards Russian banks said that after allegations of missing / lost cards are the financial costs borne by the bank. So you should hurry, as soon as possible to inform the bank about the loss.

If you have a stolen card, the less time you give the offender, the more money in the account you have left. May be a case that you as a bona fide cardholder keep it to yourself, did not make any public operations, and suddenly the day has to come from-statement, you surprised to notice that the funds on your card "diminished". In this case, you immediately call the bank, and to report suspicious transactions. In turn, will need to block the card, for the simple reason that the fraud became known details of your card, and there is great danger of repeated transactions. Then you eat in a bank, and write a statement of disagreement with the transaction. In statement, except for standard data (name, surname, middle name, contact information, such as your credit card, its number and expiration date), you'll need to specify the currency and the amount of the challenged transaction, the date of its the occurrence and number in the payment system, and the name or code of a shop or terminal, where it was held.

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