Information Is A War, Not Less Than Holy War

After the events in Ossetia, it became clear that for all real atrocities of war, major battles are all the same as in the field of information. After all, as it deftly – to present to the world that fragmentation on a sleeping city, two hours after assurances not to use force (+ distraction – Olympiad) lupila opposing party Quite literally – the battlefield. In this infovoyne we, alas, losing outright It turns out that the postulate of ‘the truth of power “here is not Working Rather Information Technology fold more effective than brute force We are, dear Russians, in this more enlightened We know that we have transparency, and, according to Putin at Davos – ‘The Internet And we all have freedom’ We Euronews and include for the impersonal, ‘look the part’ And the truth is somewhere nearby Or in the middle have to start to deal with the basics. Say, ‘Russian-speaking’ officially and seriously that the Russian language is primary source of everything and all. (‘A joke’ about it more than once declared M. Zadornov (REN-TV). Thanks to him the same question has already been put on the broadest level of public debate – ort Gordonkihot) Sanskrit is derived from the Russian.

Point. In themselves ‘Indian’ Vedas written that knowledge is brought to India ‘with white people because of the northern mountains (Himalayas). ” Russian – ‘System Language’ of the Soul and the brain, based on analogues (imaginative) thinking.

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