Achieve Excellence

The attention you give to a guest in your home, should be the same that provides a high quality restaurant. Restaurant should provide an excellent attention in search of 100% satisfaction in Diners, in your palate, both in care and comfortable facilities. All matters relating to the care, treatment that is given to customer, service provided, in search of satisfaction, are the main objectives and the reason for the existence of the restaurant. At the same time, it will be his motivation to return and become a permanent customer. The quality of food is not only of importance for customers, also sets the position of the restaurant in front of your competition. Please the palate of a good gourmet, the attention and the ambiance, makes simply the customer feel better than in your home. It is the main objective of the proper functioning and a restaurant service.

Several factors are required to achieve this objective: fresh supplies: all Orchard or harvest, products must be fresh and of high quality, taking into account its cultivation and maintenance procedure. In his preference should be organic, without chemical additives such as fertiliser or pesticide products. Thus, also the form of harvest, collection, storage and transport must be in mind to your sales site. It must give priority to the totally natural products and the freshest possible. Meat supplies: from well to locate a provider to the supervision of the cold chain, for the optimum preservation of meat that will ensure its perfect state. Storage of resources: the method used for the storage and provision of inputs, must also comply with the conditions laid down for its optimum conservation, ensuring the properties in foods, such as odors, flavors, properties in nutrition and good presentation. All this caution, is part of the process of handling and preparation, which should of course, be in charge of a good Chef, with extensive experience, training and practice of the national culinary arts International. It must be accompanied by a refined group of collaborators, which ensure an exquisite result.

The perfect accompaniment for a perfect meal, is a good wine, which must be chosen from a good letter to choose. The restaurant must achieve good advice in his image, as vitally important that projected a style of high level and refinement, part of the service of a first class restaurant. The lighting, the handling of interior space, its decoration and details, must achieve an image of exclusivity. Health services such as parking and service areas must be equally aesthetic. Standards of courtesy, elegance, ambient music and delicacy of the service, are the direct contact with the customer, details that will demonstrate the finesse in the attention. Collaborator equipment on the attention to the public, must be highly trained in their work. It must be efficient, courteous, polite, respectful and agile. A restaurant, not simply food preparation. A restaurant must also distinguish for their excellent seasoning, great attention, distinction and taste in the lounge and an attentive staff to satisfy the customer. In the capital of Colombia, you can search them by checking Google restaurants Bogota; You will find all styles. And if you want a good companion, choose a good craft beer, which exist for all tastes in this capital

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