Dominican Republic

The human being, in driver mode, either pedestrian or passenger may be a victim or perpetrator to must that you be instructed properly before reaching this designation until a behavior modification, that is, a change in attitude and behaviour based on the responsibility and the respect for life and the good livingwhich has to do with the level of commitment to political and social of the inhabitants of a nation, as they are the makers of public policy which are required to make decisions and initiatives. According to the age and degree of development of a society in particular, the risk factors affect greater or lesser importance, defining at least sectors of most vulnerable users. Dominican Republic, for example, motorists and pedestrians in that order are vulnerable, rather than pedestrians, passengers and drivers of four wheels as in Guatemala. Until the 2008, do not know if you have followed the same behavior of the curve of fatal victims, in Guatemala the users of greater than 65 years of age were the abused. While in Dominican Republic met with the generality, the main victims between 15 and 29 years. It is not that this strip there does not suffer the ravages of the violence of the traffic, but if in lesser proportion. Because speed, entertainment while driving and nonsense in terms of the consumption of alcohol and drugs, make our youth reckless.

If risks in humans are defined by their education, not less true is that the infrastructure for the movement it should be subject to continuous maintenance and elimination of points and critical sections or concentration of claims. These data are given to process, analyse and evaluate the statistics of fatalities in any given period. Currently there is a called procedure audit of roads where determining the conditions of dangerous crossings, curves, narrowing the changes of sungrazers, holes or bumps, signs and notices, lighting level, fixed obstacles, landslides of materials, the derrocaderos, spills of substances in the pavement, etc. This study makes the recommendations in place for the solution of the problem in terms of roads. Multilateral agencies, such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others, currently undertake special programs to its Member States to reduce rates of accidents through the application of these audits, both on highways and roads in exploitation in the various stages of its construction. They also promote the implementation of efficient systems of management and traffic management, communication and information technology-based.

Fundamental tool for notices to drivers of weather conditions and situation of the roads to prevent tragedies, as well as speed control. In what refers to the Park’s vehicle that it transits our waterways, it has the particularity in general of being old. In some cases of being altered in its operation without complying with certain standards of environmental safety. This implies being the vehicle an interesting risk factor statistically, taking high-level action for the implementation of the corresponding technical review each year, which expand the list, such as the obligation to wear safety belt, auxiliary brakes, air bags; helmet shield in regards to bikers, control of gas emission, production of noises, etc.

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