Teaching Drawing And Painting. Peculiarities Of The National School. Chapter

Speaking about works of art, of course we mean the works of great masters, one might even say the world's masterpieces of painting and drawing. It would seem, what does this have the students, especially newcomers, the first time in life who have taken the hands of a pencil or a brush? The most direct. And, although young artists are still very far from the greatness of genius, but strive to do right. Even if you make just a few steps in the direction of creative growth, Consider it time well spent. But such steps, no doubt, will do much more. There is such a wise saying 'Bad is the soldier who does not dream to become a general' It is impossible to imagine that the 'generals' of Art did not have the least skill composition.

That's why a newcomer already in the initial period of training is so important to learn once and for all this great and powerful word. Translated from the Latin compositio – preparation, compound, and essay. Artists sometimes speak layout that probably relates to the technical process of creating his own compositions. And while these concepts are somewhat different from each other, a clear divide between them. There is quite many definitions of the word 'composition', including a broad, philosophical aspect. In the academic sense, the process of creating songs is nothing like the need to place the image so that the entire sheet or canvas 'Worked' for the best, most expressive transmission nature, and therefore a perfect way to express creative idea of the author.

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