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From an esoteric point of view, this approach is not only true, but in some cases dangerous. Power stones and metals depends primarily on the volume of material, and secondarily on the purity of the material. Just on the strength of stones and metals affect the place of production or sales, as stones and metals can accumulate in themselves as energy environment, and human energy. The form of correction, which I want to dwell, is the choice of implementing a symbol of the character values of the astrological houses in which the planet. This is especially true for the correction of the influence of planets located in the three evil houses (6,8 and 12) For simplicity, we consider some understanding of the values of the 8 th house, and possible adjustments to it. Planet passing the eighth house may bring: – a critical situation. – Debts – esoteric situation, a collision with something secret, unknown – strengthening sexuality – estate partner – encounter with death – hiding something – a secret journey should be Remember that the symbol is implemented in accordance with the accumulated karma, and to implement'll find the weakened area of man.

Suppose the considered native's weakened area of critical situations. Nativ late returned home via unreliable area. In this case, you should implement a symbol of an artificially. For example, a money debt. Indeed, within the meaning of the 8 th house, debt, and our and others', but related to us.

Because either take something in debt, or to lend a partially realizes the potential energy of the symbol. And the situation is quite possibly will not occur or be realized with less force. You can also go to someone else's funeral or the cemetery, which symbolically corresponds to a weakening of the potential energy of the symbol. You can go somewhere not far away, never saying a word that also weaken the symbolism of the 8 th house. In any case, that come up, and that the symbolic value fits in that sphere of realization of character and will be directed. And thus you will be able to protect his weak area. Of course, when it comes to no one planet, all somewhat complicated, as you have to take into account all the influences and look for possible trouble adjusting. But, unfortunately, all possible options to put in the article is not possible, I tried to explain the principle that you can use, but this should be done with caution and occurrence of unexpected results of correction to stop. Usually, before implementing the symbol warns, as if hinting at a future event. It is worth just be observant and correct understanding of these tips.

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