Rosa Fornes

Not a few movies where brilliant arguments as of Cecilia, have been criticised strongly, even when they tried to achieve very original ideas, and express new concepts within the films, despite approaching a little at the idea of focusing the characters in the style of socialist realism. However, some of the Cuban realizations, as: the beauty of the Alhambra, sapphires madness blue, Placido, supporting roles, as life itself, dealing with the subject of artists, their world, their role within society that has lived them, have done each one with a different argument, hence the success of each of those filmsnever arriving bored, and that in the middle of complex situations, and melodramatic flights, us escapes a cry, a smile, and at the end we went grateful for the film by having a good time with him. It is therefore, that after the year 94, have been poorly repeatable or analogous to previous topics films, despite the fact that some good invoice have transcended above others, better achieved or not. This period, in which the country, he has been immersed in a different time of economic crisis, has not been able to shoot to the rhythm of the 80-90s, however, there have been films as: do Swedish, life is to whistle, vertical love, Guantanamera, waiting list, last it nights of Constantinople, etc., that each one presents many issues today, but won’t be the large previous realizations of time as: A man of success, Lucia, Cecilia, etc. We hope that the ICAIC, perform new types of arguments as they are: the inclusion of the peddlers, and account propistas to society, their linkages and contractions; new women’s store, the love between tourists and Cubans; the lives of artists like Rita Montaner, Rosa Fornes; the life of Kid Chocolate, the history of the family doctors, the story of the men of Moa, its engineers and architects, etc.

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