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On the one hand, animals that escape from farms are set in places that displace or damage to our own fauna and since 1979 there have been leaks that have settled American Minks in the Central system, Galicia, Aragon and Catalonia. On the other hand, it should also be noted that on a farm more than three tons of food are needed to feed Minks needed to make a coat or a ton for the Fox. If these quantities are multiplied by all the animals that are on farms to only use your skin, understood why banks of herring from the countries of the North are being depleted. More than half of herring which are caught in these countries were used for these farms. But above all the farms have not disappear the capture of wild animals, since nearly thirty percent of the animals used for fur are wild.

Species such as the Sea Mink or Fox Las Malvinas are extinct already as a result of these practices, with the consequent ecological disaster that this entails, and others such as sea otters, Lynx or Ocelot are in grave danger. The ecologist associations campaigns have managed to in many European countries there is a decline in the demand for furs. And, in addition, a few acquaintances stores British have renounced all his concessions fur. In Spain there has been no harsh pressures, but the awareness of citizens is being achieved. However, Spain is still the European country with the highest proportion of fur coats, followed by France and Italy, while in Austria, the Netherlands and Great Britain already hardly are in demand. It is significant that are just warmer European countries where fur coats, are purchased to a greater extent what evidence that its function is nothing more than a sign of luxury, a completely unnecessary luxury, which leaves us icy heart.

And as the poet said: the more I think of things, / much less understand them; / why when I look at you / I’m watching and I don’t think so. Francisco Arias Solis on Christmas, peace and freedom. XIII Festival poetry for peace and liberty dedicated to Mario Benedetti. URL: Original author and source of the article.

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