Rent For WebMoney In Your Area

Author Alexander Website Business Ideas Russian payment system WebMoney offers us many ways to earn through it. You can open exchange of electronic currencies and make a difference in exchange rates. There is still a huge number of ways to earn using Web-Money. But you and I Let us a new way – it rent with this system of electronic payments. Now as always the service is in demand in major cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. but you know what’s popular in Moscow, then in a couple of years it will be popular in your country town. And since we too lazy to stand in a savings bank a huge turn for rent.

Now imagine that instead of a queue, sitting at home with your favorite computer, pay all utility bills for a couple of seconds. Now let’s talk like this all organized. PIs need to register or open entity. Signed the agent contract to receive payments from all services register in WebMoney View website for payment principle of your work principle of operation is very simple, following the signing of contracts you provide software for utilities. In the future you list the starting amount on the P / S, the organization let water treatment plant 20 000 rubles. Through the site Ivan Ivanov paid 1200 rubles for rent. You through the software inform the organization that received payment from Ivanov and your a / c written off 1,200 rubles, and so for each client. Calculate the profit commission is usually from 2-5% of the payment. Ivanov listed a 1200 rubles your profit was 60 rubles per customer. With good circulation assume 3,000 people a month (and it is very real), we will be able to earn up to 180,000 rubles.

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