Prophet Issa

Says that within all more or less fantastic versions, on the adoleciencia and youth of Jesus, yours is the most reliable, since the manuscript which formed the basis of his story exists materially and today is in the monastery of Hemis in Ladahk Jose Ignacio Rigoni says, that after the war Russian Turkish (l877/78) this Russian journalist who had many’s wishes travel to the IndiHe began to make a route for Afghanistan, passing through Kashmir came to Ladakh, he visited monasteries and lamasterios in Mulbekh which is the gateway of Buddhism. In one of them was received by a lama who told him that files of Lhasa, capital in Tibet, the seat of the Dalai Lama had several thousand old rolls of Scriptures that spoke of life of Prophet Issa, Jesus’s Eastern name. That in many of the monasteries that were generally in the high mountains, some of 3350 meters. Altitude, had backup rolls, and that some related to Saint Issa. Himis had one of the great monasteries in Pintak, in that this journalist area fell off the horse and requested to stay at one of the monasteries to recover. As a journalist began to talk about the issue that left him intrigued, the case of the Holy Issa, spent time managed to gain confidence that they show him a biography of the Saint, which was shown to him and which consisted of 244 verses, in which appears to the thirteen years of Jesus, who according to history israelista or ArabicIt had to take wife. As per the lineage was known came from a patriarchal family, but even they said Dios spoke by the mouth of the child, despite being the son of humble but pious parents, House It is filled with great characters who wished to have a son-in-law as the young Issa (Jesus) who had become famous for his speeches of deep rooted divine in the name of Almighty. .

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