It therefore notes that the learning evaluation communicating that determine many times its effectiveness and its efficiency are in their essence and practice a multitude of vessels. These structures Rhizomatic that determine outward effects or forms of evaluation, are not justipreciadas by the ministerial directives or in the education secretariats of the regional headquarters. However, whereas the entropy of the current times, reflecting and agreeing a non biased view of the school institution, warns as we said at the beginning, that education is a era is the era reflected in education (J.P. Sartre), otherwise valid reason that compels us to recognize that the school is a multicultural space, as Vygotsky argued, to various human beings with disparate needs, and feelings, and volitions which come for which becomes imperative that academic processes are displayed also with pluralism that supports the consensus and dissent, and that agreements emerge only as a result of the struggle for truth and justice. Under consideration of this multi-cultural nature of the school today, enriched by the arrival of flows migratory human etc., is seen with justice entificacion of a body called the 0230 Decree of February 2002, the Commission of evaluation and promotion, plurally composed of the rectory of the institution or his delegate, up to three (3) teachers, and a parent for each grade that deals with the educational institution. The Quant-qualitative composition of the aforementioned Commission erected by the above-mentioned Decree, suffers from a consideration momentous: the student as subject-object of the teaching-learning process does not appear duly represented in this decision-making body, whereupon the instincts and the mirada CAMHS of humans in the process of training has no who agencie and represent properly. This aspect becomes capital, capital that is the vision of the adult parent. While the country’s national Constitution, specifically determines that the responsibility for the education of children is in first place in the family and secondly in the school institution, who average just between the OJ.

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