Overview Challenges Ii In Subtitling

In the work of making a subtitling certain specific parameters must be met including time, speed, extension of the subtitle and the transmission of the message are basic part for a good subtitling obviously; However in the latter sense (message transmission) translators are given a number of variants to bear in mind, that not only they mean for them an increase in the difficulty of the translation, but at the same time shown as the main obstacle to overcome professionally. The subtitles similar to all sorts of translation is based on the retransmission of a given message of an original language at one end, with greater precision and clarity as possible in terms of the message, this objective is however something difficult to achieve, since many times the original message is quite extensive and has very native to the same termswhich translators must mean not only a very good interpretation and approach of the message, but also an excellent knowledge terminology and native of the original language. To begin a subtitling is basic and/or advisable to take into account some excellent recommendations given by translators specialized in this field, which will allow to us even though we are not experts, have at least an idea of the steps to follow to perform a good subtitling; some of these recommendations are: it is advisable to perform an analytical reading, in order to learn about and engage with the content of the text original. perform a pre-traduccion is a very good method to learn about the number of characters that has the original message, which as it is understood it is essential in the subtitling. make a trimming, it is very useful to start to delete the remaining words of the message original. it is advisable to delete features such as redundancieshesitation, interjections and pleonasmos, with the purpose of further synthesize the message original. it is highly recommended to add words, with the purpose of transmitting this message. it is good to try with several translations, in order to know which of all of them not only applies more to visual content, but also to the space characters allowed by the subtitling.

recommended for translation possesses a greater sense, locate the verb in different places of prayer; that if, always taking care not to change or divert the good sense of the original text. Although there are plenty more recommendations that can give for a good subtitled translation, the above highlighted are just some of the highlights in this area. Cannot be overlooked that captioning requires great linguistic knowledge like the rest of the translations, however this requires much more diverse disciplines of the same interpretation, since the messages are many more concise, not to mention that shorts literally in this discipline.

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