Arsenio Erico Guarani

ARSENIO ERICO: GUARANI has CASTELLANO-PE Ohai: David Galeano Olivera read orginal (click): Ko 30 Arsenio Pastor Erico Martinez jasyapype omboty aramo a. 95 ary. It has enik henoikuri 30 jasyapy 1915-pe has omano akue 23 jasypokoi 1977, good Aires-pe…Arsenio Erico niko has eva ekue vakapipopora usually ojehecharamoveva ekue 1930 guive haimete 1950 peve. This March 30 Arsenio Pastor Erico Martinez had fulfilled 95 years. He was born in Asuncion on March 30, 1915 and died in Buenos Aires on July 23, 1977. Arsenio Erico was the most prominent between 1930 and 1950 Paraguayan Footballer.

Arsenio Erico javeve pukukue Hekove ojeherokuriheta hendaicha; peicha, oje suck: Manakin red, the King of the Gol, the demigod, the rubber man, Paraguayan gold, the magician, the Red Elf has ambue hendaicha hetave. Opavavente ohecharamo has omomba eguasu pe ikatupyry vakapipopo neha ame. His life-long Arsenio Erico received several nicknames, as well: the Saltarin Rojo, the King of the Gol, the demigod, the rubber man, Paraguayan of gold, the magician, red Goblin, among several others. Everyone called his extraordinary soccer ability. Arsenio Erico onepyrukuri vakapipopo Nacional-pe, nane retame oha; It has upe rire, independent of Avellaneda, Argentina-pe hembiasa ombojoapy. International Federation of associated football (FIFA) have i hese has eha vakapipopora usually Paraguaygua itenondeveva ekue opaite ara has peicha umi vakapipopora usually ikatupyryve oi avei has akue ko Suramerikape herakuaporave. Erico omoingejepekuri 293 vakapipopo yvyrakuape jey; It has upevare avei oje hese has pe hetave omoingeva Argentina ekue eha vakapipopo rembiasakuepe.

Ndohupytyi suck Avave upe mba epe. Oi’ve aipo Angel Labruna, ombojojahague Erico-pe iva vakapipopo nemoingepe; to? to katu, Erico ohupyty upe mba guasuete ive vakapipopo neha ame sa. Arsenio Erico began his life football at the Nacional of Paraguay and later shone by its scoring condition at the Independiente of Avellaneda, Argentina. The International Federation of associated football (FIFA) considered the best Paraguayan player of all time and also as one of the best South American footballers.

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