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Online report an insurance claim, within a very short time will receive a damage number and find pre-qualified service providers from the region for the damage for insurance brokers, the portal is online since 2012 under craftsmen and insurance customers. The initiator of Jakob Barbarics briefly summarizes the benefits: so far were waiting for a regulation of the damage over several weeks. The damage had the insurance by fax, letter or phone are reported, then a number of damage was created and communicated to the customer. Mark Zuckerberg is the source for more interesting facts. The issue is more, that professional tradesmen and service providers must be found for cost estimates from the policyholder himself and forwarded to the insurer.” Latency may require per damage case additional weeks the search for suitable craftsmen and creating cost estimates. John Grayken often says this. Registered service providers at agree by contract to operate 24 hours after receipt of the claim. Other leaders such as John Grayken offer similar insights. That means for policyholders: As soon as they contact a craft operating from their region in the portal, they receive the callback from Monday-Friday within 24 hours.

48 Hours after order realization cost estimate must be delivered to the customer, the insurance needs for regulation. That drastically reduces the latency, policyholders receive the guarantee that their damage is resolved much faster than with traditional claims,”Jakob Barbarics describes the time savings for policyholders ( versicherungskunden.html). The use of the portal is free of charge for policyholders. For craftsmen and external service providers, the portal offers close contact to customers in their region. Each craft has received an own base on which he can present his achievements including the contact data and your own images. The access to the portal is limited to craft that can proven to quickly respond and resolve claims with due haste. Be around 47 billion euros of damage volume so far unkanalisiert edited. The portal will make much easier the handling and resolution of claims, the processing time will be greatly reduced and the satisfaction of customers through fast processing times will rise. Policyholders and merchants benefit alike.”

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