Mexican Film

This document aims to demonstrate the advancement of film in Mexico since its inception to the 90’s. The great invention of the cinema in the country triggered a series of expectations into what is now the factory of illusions. The Drugstore Silversmiths The arrival of cinema in the country, through the representative of the Lumiere brothers, Gabriel Viera, was successful in making his first appearance before the president of the Republic, General Porfirio Diaz, August 6, 1896 in the Castle of Chapultepec. From that moment, the presence of film in Mexico was on the rise. Gabriel Viera opened a showroom on the mezzanine film of the Drugstore Silversmiths. Officially, the first task given to the public was on August 27, 1896, although previously there was a function to raise awareness of the wonderful invention of the press.

Public response was unique and made it possible for film roles “Drugstore Silversmiths” to become an everyday experience in capital. In Guadalajara, the public preferred the Lumiere cinema because it offered better quality and variety in his films, using the Vitascope, invented by Thomas Alva Edison. Gabriel Viera and Film Industry Bon Bernard Ferdinand, your partner, left Mexico in late 1897, when they sold the cinema. It was then that the businessman Ignacio Aguirre became the first Mexican exhibitor. Like Aguirre, other businessmen brought the film to several cities, which were paving the way for an art that would become a prolific industry. Mexican cinema was given the task of representing reality in accordance with the dominant ideological currents.

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