It doubts that exactly an interior voice teaches the correct things to you, in the hours most uncertain? Nobody is unprovided () of the GOD voice, therefore by It was created (). Until the lixeira it rests However, if you to inform just, so that it does not sin, and it not to sin, certainly, you will live, because it was informed; you saved your soul. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 3:21. Inside of each Human being, So that it is not to the abandonment, a voice if makes to hear, it to feel That he is not alone. Its mind that is crowded With as many information; It makes its election, to place in action Alone good things. Just in the land You find that she exists? Not; but he has that one that persists In if improving. Therefore, the chance is equal, all not to practise the evil. It is emptied now, and it plays except Everything what it is bad So that you can, at last, To renew itself.

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