Master Ounce

I called Mrio and I told the problems to it. The skill was to lose some pigs until arranging somebody – I suggested. – It can be same Mr., master. It is simple thing – To hunt ounce is simple thing, Mrio? – It has What you to make is only to hold the lantern. Jirau will be in the top of the tree.

It will be well resistant. We will lead until blankets, therefore up there it goes to even give to sleep. The ounces alone arrive of dawn. The man said as much that I finished agreeing, however with a certain distrust. Old Sertanejo has fear of ounce, imagines I, that always I liveed in the city, suddenly to bank one of ounce hunter. In the other day it with two was more created and had passed the entire day making the such jirau. In finalzinho of the afternoon he took stops me to make an inspection. I looked at everything, detail for detail.

It is not that the man understood exactly of ounce? Jirau was so great that it seemed one room in the top of the tree. Nothing it had to fear. We come back toward house, we take a bath, we have supper and we return to the place. We brought lanterns, rifles, some thing to eat, etc. We go up in jirau, demons one looked at general, almost saw the disappeared moon between the trees. All silence! We take off one soneca. When I already was giving the first snores, Mrio I touch in my arm. – Master, master. – What was, Mrio, the ounces already had appeared? – How many hours are? I looked at for the luminous hand of my clock of gold, gift of my old grandmother and said: – Two hours.

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