If you will count how much time you spend on scouts here and there for a year, you'll realize that all this time sitting at home could learn a perfect Chinese and you're still in the group pre-intermediate English. Or do you go to the courses for the sake of 'Party'? That Well, while your. 5.K Speaking of time, think about loved ones. For example, for your children. While you are enjoying yourself the illusion of learning in a group, your child will be sitting home alone and quietly forget how you look. But he knows that you 'learn foreign '. So learn the house together! 6.Vy yourself putting your goals. Do you need English for financiers? Japanese for accountants? Chinese for geneticists? Set yourself a task, and no one will say: 'And we have no such'.

For you – all anything! First of all – lots of resources on the Internet and methods of self-learning the language. 7. Opportunity to learn the language interesting! You get bored monotonous lessons your teachers at school and university? You thought the raven and painted-tac-toe in expectation of a call? Perhaps that is why today you go to the same lessons … but now for the money. But did you learn interesting? Maybe you need more film and music in the language? Or conversely, Do you hate movies, but it fascinates grammar? Whatever your preference, be guided by yourself! 8.Izuchaya on your own, you really learn.

Having recorded the courses is to understand that 40-50 percent of your study time you communicate with other students, listen to stories of a teacher or look out the window, waiting for the others will do the job. It is very difficult to engage the active cognitive activity in a group of people from 8-10 people, each of which are completely different approaches to learning. In this case, you can confidently expect that approximately 20% of people in the group come to the course, to entertain and socialize … and using all possible. Communicate clearly, very nice, but maybe it would be useful to those 2:00 classes at home for a book in the original? 9.Uchitsya own – cheaper. Language courses are unnecessarily expensive. Believe me, this is not a reasonable investment. Pay thousands and thousands of classes where you're basically listening to, like trying to speak the same 'disciples', is possible only if you have extra money. Rates do not bring and share one benefits that you promised in the advertisement. Why? Because the ads silent on the main, namely, that in any case, learn the language yourself! And you really do not know? And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign Languages: – A variety of online dictionaries of foreign languages. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

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