Great War

Its function would be in accordance with to educate the laborer the communist revolutionary rules until the moment of the revolution. For it, the majority of the Parties Social Democratical Europeans during the Second International nailed a social conciliadora democracy, of nationalistic matrix, therefore it was impregnated of bourgeois ideas. Great part of these parties participated of governments that would have traces clearly bourgeois. These parties were if leaving to influence for the conciliation in the place of the revolution. To this Lnin movement it gave the social-chauvinism name. For it, the social-chauvinism happened because the bourgeoisie of the European nations where the capitalism arrives its imperialista phase obtained if ' ' infiltrar' ' in the Social Democracy, making with that many of the democratical parties social raised the flag of the purely national interests, that is, of the confrontation it enters the diverse interests in dispute between the belligerent nations, that were controlled for bourgeois governments, thus bringing the European proletariat for First the Great War, each one defending the interests of its native land in communion with the local bourgeoisie. This fact broke what Lnin found that gave sensible to the Communist International, and could exactly support it with the arrival of the imperialista war: the international solidarity of the Laboring Classroom.

Therefore the Second Socialist International had declared insolvent. This idea guided the works of the one of the Third International. the chauvinism and the opportunism have the same one economic base, the working-class movement: the alliance of the superior layers – little numerous -, of the proletariat and the small-bourgeoisie, beneficiaries of the crumbs that are left to them by the privileges of ' ' seu' ' national capital, against the mass of the workers and of oppressed in general (…) the ideological content and politician of two chains is the same (…) the old division of the socialist ones, in an opportunist chain and another revolutionary, whom the International (1889 characterized II? 1914), correspond, in its set to the new division between chauvinistas and internationalists.

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