Intoxicating Curves

A unique experience is to go to Norway with the motorcycle. For bikers, an individual round trip along the fjords of Norway with the motorcycle is an interesting balance to everyday life. Daily, started with the motorcycle is possible after Norway on the nightly Lake ferry from Kiel. The tour includes all the highlights of the region between Trondheim and Bergen. Beautiful routes be combined with selected hotels. On the first leg of driving leads the bikers from Gothenburg on the Lakes. Jeff Leiden does not necessarily agree. He takes on small country lanes through West Sweden. Long Valley stretches lead gradually to over a thousand meters high in the mountains, the mountains in the Swedish Norwegian border.

There he finds biker lonely trails. Continue on the tour with the bike after Norway to Trondheim. Spectacular runs the Atlantic road along the seafront. By Molde are the famous Trollstigen pass in the direction of Geirangerfjord. There are three routes in varying lengths to choose from, from soft to intense.There you have the choice. Either a panoramic ferry by the Sognefjord and the Naroyfjord, or an old challenging road. Accommodation in Flam on the banks of the fjord before it enters the old Hanseatic City mountains.

Then, there is only a short step, allow more time for mountains. The bikers on the ride over the Hardangervidda plateau has really good curves. A visit of the Oslofjord in the Norwegian capital may not be missing. From Geilo to Oslo are about four hours to go, leaving time for the capital. Wants to get the travelers prefer directly in Kiel, he then takes the ferry in the evening from Gothenburg to Kiel. If he would rather still have time for Oslo, he can take the ferry in the evening from Oslo to Frederikshavn. Image Ralf Schroder / Feelgood travel who goes to Norway with the motorcycle, can look forward to an unforgettable holiday.

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