Intercity Taxi

Each of us faces from time to time with the taxi services and long distance taxi booking is always fraught with troubles. With this order does not want that to come Lada 'shaggy', with a driver talking on a weakly Russian. And I needed a privately several trips to the city Yegor'yevsk on Saturdays. At first I tried to take private owners, which are in abundance at the station, but on the first trip almost ended up in police station, where after leaving the oncoming lane, my Muslim driver tried to escape from his pursuers. Then I ran down the road, caught a ride and curse their savings.

By the way later turned out that the risk of own life, I still overpaid. Such extreme as I do not like and I decided to call a taxi. Before you make a taxi, I would like to know what the capital of taxi companies is greater confidence, carries more economical and provides better quality. To gain a first impression of Moscow offers taxi, I took advantage of the Internet. Help me out, Yandex! I type in this case, a typical phrase 'taxi', and poured 'Top ten' companies offering taxi services. Did not even have to type the phrase 'taxi Moscow ", because all the top ten sites was virtual representation is the capital taxis. All Sites Moscow taxi were analyzed by me with care. After all, every site, if the seller the mall, had to convince me to do exactly this taxi company.

The results of my mini-studies were very curious. In the first place 'City taxi', simple dial number with a question, but how much does a trip to the city Yegoryevsk, there was your humble servant was going to go. And get very merry answer that in cars the company installed "taximeters' and the calculation is in the mileage and time and yet somehow, and added something else to remember all the 'gobbledygook' tariff plan, I could not, which is not surprising. When asked to calculate at least approximately value was told that such information they do not.

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