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The independence of Kosovo could be a precedent for a possible fragmentation of Europe. With the accelerated accession of the countries of the East and with pressures to incorporate Turkey into the Union, Europe seems to cede other major axes of power. This situation goes back to an image of Europe in 1812, when Napoleon carried out his campaign in Russia. Almost two centuries later, it seemed that Europe had been able to leave behind a history of wars and genocides supported on nationalism, but the war that shattered the Balkans after the fall of the Berlin wall sowed the seeds of European fragmentation. Who put water and manure for seeds germinaran? The European Union will need to consider the possible political, economic and social costs of the independence of Kosovo and the message that gives to many countries in terms of its foreign policy. Its weakening reinforces the uncertainty in an era with new global challenges such as the eradication of poverty, the dialog for models of alternative immigration and a common market more consistent with the principles of Justice and solidarity on which the European Union is founded. The importance of China in the international arena is no longer a hypothesis. It could benefit the Asian giant a Europe without a clear foreign policy that has lowered the bar in terms of respect for human rights, transparency and the fight against corruption and organized crime so that the countries of Eastern Europe be incorporated.

Carlos Taibo, Spanish expert analyst in Russia and Eastern Europe, argues that although the Kremlin opposes this process by its alliance with Serbia, Putin could apply the same criteria for Kosovo in Georgia and Moldova. Russia could also use the independence process to destabilize the Caucasus area and further tighten relations with Georgia and Ukraine has since their respective revolutions took place. Also benefits United States that, since the fall of communism, has moved pieces to break up the former republics Soviet in order to install military bases and Government favorable to its foreign policy at the time that reconfiguraba to NATO. On the other hand, it has supported the revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia and Uzbekistan and has despised old Europe, in the words of former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Kosovo’s independence is a European Balkans failure not achieve different peoples live together under one political system, something that had succeeded the Communist regime of Tito and before the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The remedy is already proving to be worse than the disease.

Human Rights Watch denounces the violation of human rights of Serb minorities living in Kosovo. Assaults, violence and looting of Orthodox churches and monasteries are the order of the day. There have also been harassment against other minorities. Independence is interpreted as a punishment to Serbia by violence during the 1990s. If you continue the trend to incorporate new States to the Union, is expected to seek membership of countries independent recently. In addition, it will take many years before the Kosovo move from being a territory under protectorate and financing of the European Union to a functional State. In all likelihood, it will not count with the endorsement of the Security Council of the UN by the blockade of Russia. The worst-case scenario would be that of a unilateral declaration of independence. But even if outside under international supervision, it should be recalled that European fragmentation lightens the threads that handle large shafts in this situation. If Europe wants to have something to say, this is the time.

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