In Leon

The savings, pension funds, enrichment generally works in the securities markets and capital and promote or hinder the other economic sectors. Evolution-a “N of taxation.This process of economic causes at the same time the evolution of taxes over the same historical period. Let’s follow the steps in this way to get the current model and observe nature to be financed fiscal Basic Income, which is another step in the economic progress throughout history, only that due to its characteristics, causes a qualitative change in human relations. We can say that it is as said the first person to set foot on the moon: “It’s a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” During the Middle Ages in Spain claimed the Alcala to commercial transactions, charges for trafficking in cattle, the tithe that was given to the church in Castile was paid on bench, place, next to the houses that were sold cloths. Began customs duties, even to trade in the cities was paid a fee, the octroi. Situated near the cities. In Leon, one of them was located in what today is known as the Cruise and the other in the Torio River Bridge, currently Puentecastro area. made to the Catholic Monarchs tax breaks to the Knights of Medina to support their men and wealth with the conquest of Granada and the financing of the expedition to America. D uring the twelfth century in Castile formed the quicksilver, which were market daily, for articles of prime necessity.

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