Harlan Estate

Some names of these fine wines are: Harlan Estate, Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family, Grace Family, Colgin Cellars, Dalla Valle, Araujo Estate. However, not all wines of author are synonym of sky-high prices. There are wines made under the above-mentioned characteristics, who prioritise quality over quantity and which can be purchased at prices accessible to consumers of wines. In Argentina, there is the maker of homemade wine figure approved by the Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura (INV) since 2002. That body established the requirements for registration as a maker of homemade wine, the conditions of preparation, identification and requirements with respect to the marketing of the product. Elaborations cannot exceed 4,000 liters per year, and should be applied lawful oenological practices and employ locals, vases and other items in excellent condition of health.

Likewise, the product must meet the chemical characteristics of a genuine artisanal wine, by determinations of dry extract, alcohol, sugars, total acidity expressed as tartaric and volatile acidity in acetic. Currently, only in Buenos Aires there are 42 registered as winemakers from came home. This successful measure recognizes the existence of a large number of artisan winemakers, often garnered the culture produce their own wine, inherited from parents and grandparents immigrants and in other cases, wine lovers mobilized by the passion to carry out this wonderful alchemy that allows transform grapes into wine. Within this framework, it is possible to prepare high quality artisan wines while still a long distance of wine regions, where the raw material is of excellent quality. It is only possible to produce a good wine from grapes harvested and healthy in their optimal degree of maturity.

For this reason, it is essential to preserve the freshness and sanitation of grapes according with the producer that they harvested in boxes no more than 20 kg. thus ensuring that the bunches are kept whole and with the lowest possible friction. Subsequently, freshly harvested grapes must be transferred to soon as possible transport refrigerated until the place where the processing will take place. Must be very well-oiled logistics for receiving grape fresca and give beginning to the process of elaboration. Today, the use of appropriate technology is within reach of a small producer. There are all kinds of inputs and tools, such as tanks of stainless steel, and crusher, grinders, presses, control systems, temperatures, etc., which allow you to play the entire process that performs a commercial Winery on a very small scale. By way of conclusion, a good wine from author, cult, garage or simply home, is intended to achieve the best expression of the rich, pure and beautiful. A raised wine with thorough dedication reflecting the inspiration and the passion of its author for this noble drink. Gaston Ayerbe is producer of homemade wine and sommelier.

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