Europe Evolution

Two main aspects as for the consolidation of the concern of the culture exist. First, century was in XIX that the Christianity started to lose to be able to influence and started to take advantage a not-religious vision of the world and the life human being, who starts to take in consideration the theory of the evolution of the species, with the peculiarity of if considering the purchasing power. Inserted in the evolution context, the word culture was used in such a way to differentiate groups or peoples how much to distinguish the human being from other animals. The difficulties in defining culture had started to on account appear of the confusion ahead of these two optics. To understand each one of these scientific theories, as well as its evolution and perfectioning is basic for the understanding and concept of culture, that had come associates the new forms of knowledge. The consolidation of the concerns of the culture is on with the recent appeared concerns of scientific knowledge in century XIX.

In this context, the European powers advanced industrially and dominated rich nations in raw material. The study of the culture it looked for to understand the peoples and nations that had been incorporated to the Europe. The position occidental person in relation the culture if gave by means of the domination economic politics and, and because of the imposition of its proper cultural conceptions on the dominated peoples, thus resulting in a vision of European superiority. It can be said that the current concern with culture was born of the union of the knowledge of new cultures with the reality of domination politics. It is part of the history in such a way of the scientific development how much of the history of the international relations of being able. Such understanding is necessary to enteder itself what it is a nation, and thus to arrive the conclusion of what is culture.

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