Dennis Bass Ready To Dismiss

One of the youngest politicians in Ukraine Denis Bass will soon be fired. Dennis Buss is now one of the most close to the mayor of Kiev politicians. Dennis Bass, a member of the "young team". Press clippings of the first deputy head Kiev city state administration Alexander Popov. Alexander Popov is the new deputy mayor, a position he has held since June 15, 2010. Alexander Popov was appointed in place of Alexander Holubchenko, which demoted Leonid Chernovetsky. Alexander Popov said, even more specifically, that Dennis Buss fired in the next couple of days. And it's not all.

The current first deputy head of Kyiv City State Administration Alexander Popov said that soon would be fired more deputies five. Some of the politicians, who expressed this opinion, and it seems no one particularly upset because of this. Klitschko Bloc representative Dmitry Andrievsky, believes that the dismissal of Denis Bass is very correct. And his dismissal of many reasons. That for three years while he holds office, no good, he did not. Three years non-budget and program socio-economic development. Moreover, Dmitry I.

said that by Denis Bass has claims police. But while Dennis Bass to police their claims do not advertise. In any case, official data on this no. Denis Bass was appointed first deputy mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky after Chernovetsky won the election in March 2006. The duties included managing the Bass Denis finance, economics and investment, transport, communication and information, in dealing with the media and the public, communal property, industrial and innovation policies. In March 2010 he was demoted to the post to the usual Deputy Head of Kyiv City State.

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