Consumer Preferences

Research agency Quans Research conducted market research of consumer preferences when buying a car among high-income group of residents of large Russian cities. This survey was conducted by personal interview of a formalized, as the population adopted a set of households living in the largest cities in Russia and have income of $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 per person month. The basis of the sample were made by representatives of falling under the criteria for determining the population of households that were in place and during the events prerekruta. The sample size was 1250 man, the ratio of men and women was respectively 55/45 (%). The survey respondents answered questions regarding the availability of the car, its brand, year and plans to purchase.

The survey Representatives of the income group 97% of respondents answered the question about the number of cars per household. It was found that half of respondents (50%) have one car per household. Approximately one-third (31%) are in the presence of two cars, and owners of three or more vehicles 8%. The same number of respondents (8%) said they did not have in stock car. As for the car brand, acquired in the last household, the leader's popularity was BMW (12%).

Audi 10% of respondents prefer the third place in popularity ratings divided Mercedes and Toyota – they have 8% of respondents. The ten most popular car brands as well include Mazda, Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Nissan and Suzuki. The study found that in 2007 it was acquired by the largest number of automobiles, as witnessed 35% of the owners.

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