Collective Mark SRO In The Building And Three Types Of Goods, N

sro building can be seen as producers of the three types of benefits: social, collective and private. In this study, we mean: public goods as a benefit to society as a whole, the collective good as a boon to the construction industry, private goods as a benefit for members of self-regulation. Production of private goods is a necessary condition for the existence of sro, since, in general, members of the sro construction involved in its activities and pay dues, not for abstract ideas, but for very specific benefits. That's the amount of contributions of firms-participants provides financial basis of the SROs. Private goods, produced by the organization are so-called selective incentives. A set of such benefits depends on market conditions and the policy of cpo in the building.

It is the ratio of these two factors shows which benefits needs of the firm and whether the sro competitive advantage in providing these benefits. In this regard, can be divided into private wealth produced by sro into two types: those that the firm failed to produce yourself or buy on the market, and those that can be produced outside the sro in the building, but the latter has a comparative advantage in their production. A special kind of private goods that can cpo production in construction, is a collective mark. Any mark can be regarded as a signal of quality that is passed from consumer to the seller. To perform two critical functions of the signal circumstances: first, information about the trademark should be widely publicized, and, secondly, the trademark must have an impact on consumer preferences.

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