Certified Security

Data protection compliance opinion of Frankfurter Kartendienstleister B + S card service confirmed at B + S card service a review of its processes and systems has run, in which personal data are processed. An independent and recognised experts attested to the company within the framework of a voluntary audit, that it has fulfilled all requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in terms of on the order data processing and implemented effectively. The protection of personal data such as credit card numbers, bank details or customer data not least by privacy scandals, as well as a revision of the BDSG gaining in importance. Amendment to the BDSG in accordance with, it is for clients like about societies or key accounts within the framework of order data processing regularly necessary to check, whether in the contractor (like about B + S card service) are appropriate measures for the protection of personal data within the meaning of the order. The customer can choose, carry out an on-site inspection or alternatively a To accept certificate of an independent expert as proof of proper processing. To reduce the burden on the Contracting Parties, the independent and recognized company SRC Security responsible for research & Consulting GmbH, Bonn B + S examining the processes and systems. The certificate allows it now to take the pressure off all contract partners to carry out a test. With the certification, the joint venture of the German savings banks Publishing House once again underlines its high standard of quality with regard to the issue of data protection.

Background: Already card service confirmed last year B + S full PCI DSS compliance as the first company in Germany, which offers both acquiring and his own power company. PCI DSS stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” and includes a catalogue of mandatory rules of the PCI Security Standards Council to protect sensitive cardholder data. The rules must be implemented by all companies, the credit card transactions store, transmit or process. The protection of sensitive customer data protection is a top priority and highest priority has B + s card data, because privacy is an increasingly important criterion for quality in our business”, B + S card service Managing Director Matthias Kaufmann In this context, we see as a control instrument for the sustainable improvement of operational data protection and the underlying security. the voluntary 9A” Martin young (B + S card service)

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