Ulrike Lehmann

Interestingly, the electric cigarette is but since quite some under a real life attack from all sides and I would like to present you some interesting facts with this article. On the first point, I would refer to a very interesting article once: an attempt to discriminate the cigarette and uncover the facts “wordpress.ig-ed.org/… Basically, it describes this article on frightening way to achieved as an affront to the electric smoking is trying. Short version of the article: it creates a scientific article.It is important here to mention that it concerns only the extremely abridged version. A journalist refers to the article and says here a unique message/outcome knowing namely that electric cigarettes can heavily damage the lungs. The article is published, and inevitably causes a massive reputational damage. A different Professor Dr.

Michael Siegel then picks up these facts and takes the scientific report exactly under the Magnifying glass, noting that pull the media completely incorrect information and conclusions from this report and make it available to the public. I would like to quote short the final section of the evaluation in this context, which has been translated by analogy: the rest of the story is that the media have misrepresented the results of the study partially due by misrepresenting the results of the study by the authors themselves. Worse still, the press release spread a totally unproven conclusion, which is contrary to all existing scientific evidence and would they made as fraudulent misrepresentation would be seen by a tobacco company. Finally, all this deception and fraud was carried out by the existence of serious financial conflict of interest, which was been concealed from the media and the public. Source: tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.de/… Such are the tobacco lobby, the pharmaceutical industry and the Government that earn millions on the tobacco market, a publications”only too right, of course. Scary again following message: Pharma Pfizer Donates $2.8 million on anti-smoking organizations that oppose electric cigarettes.

You must allow once to dissolve on the tongue that fact. Smoker organizations anti take money from a pharmaceutical company that manufactures a smoking cessation product. Each smoker or ex-smoker who has ever come into the situation for a such means to pay money, knows how expensive are such products. The pharmaceutical industry made millions with the production and the distribution of these funds. Of course you see here the electrical cigarette than direct competitors and would rather the overpriced Entwohnungsmittel, instead of cigarettes are bought. “Finally here is clearly only involves financial interests” smoking is the most preventable cause of death has been proven and the pharmaceutical industry supports campaigns with millions E-cigarettes? A product which, as above described, so far no tangible facts exist that it is harmful to health. Basically I want to present cigarette with this article not as safe. Of course users should also be aware that there is no real long term studies revealing possible complications. Nevertheless, it should be recognized surely sober examination of the facts, that the E-cigarette hardly a greater health risk than the number 1 cause of death “represents. Basically, I urge people to deal openly with this topic and consider themselves at least both sides of the coin.

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