Capital Came

The truth is that I knew as many things, as many gentes, as many worlds, as many joys, as many disillusionments, as many hatred, as many loves, that I do not believe that came to stop at least to think, this if also had time, in constituting family. For me, never I felt necessity of this. Never exactly Nor now, here, seated, feeling this sleepy and aprazvel maresia. Why I came to live in the coast if always I liked mountains? Perhaps because the moments marcantes of my life have been in the coast. I remember my first time in a beach.

Nor she was same that I was now, that one was the only time that there it stows and it believes that, in this instant of my life, it does not come back exactly there. I remember that it passed vacations with the relatives in the capital and that happened of one day to catch the road until the coast. I must have mine twelve or thirteen years and I remember that all my friends and colleagues counted of the anxiety and fascinates of it when they saw the sea already in the descending of the mountain range. My sensation to see the sea? Indifferent. Not that I am insensitive, but, sincerely, did not call me the attention very. Funny that was I there, of new, ahead of it as of the first time that the vi. However, the beach it found where me was special. I remember that I come in it first time and finds it different of the other that had when adolescent IDO.

But, it was alone in this. It was the same thing of always: sand, people, parasol, shrimps fritos in the skewer, barraquinhas and the sea if espraiando for where I not wise person. I came back diverse other times there. Who ordered I to have friends who more than liked beach that of mountains? For these and others that whenever it came back in this beach were folloied, until the moment where I came alone for definitive.

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