Business Plans

Find out the price of competitors – you should not overestimate them, especially if your internet cafe located not very far from this institution. Develop a flexible payment system. For example, based on the fact that most of our visitors – students, we continually offer for them to discount schemes. Perfect Business Plan at an early stage – one of the main components of success. The main part of your monthly expenses amount to pay for room rent, utility charges, communication services, staff salaries.

With regard to profit such a business, then the implementation of Internet access in a typical center has more than 50% of revenue, other income bring a coffee shop, play area, copy center. The company also receives revenue from the sale of advertising areas. 8 The most difficult thing in the regions – select a decent isp Choose provider commensurate with the proposed price and expected performance. There is another very important criteria – loyalty partner for your project. K Unfortunately, today we do not have a strategic partner-operators who can provide our Internet centers not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg but also in the regions.

Finding an isp out there – one of the main problems. There is a very promising for the development of our business: Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Novgorod. But if the general level of prices in these cities is lower than in Moscow and St. Petersburg, then in the telecommunications market situation is up to vice versa. In Moscow, the prices are the best.

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