Alexander Sanchez Sanchez

Alexis Alexander Sanchez Sanchez was born in Tocopilla, Chile, the 19 of December of 1988. " It came from the north to the capital dreaming that in to their could see it earth prevail " they sing cumbia to him the group Volume like king. They call the Young wonder to him since Ol decided that it was looked like the assistant of Batman, and is one of the four children of Martina Sanchez and a miner whom the family left when he was a boy. It was so poor that the mayor of the city gave his to him first boots a day that saw him playing in the street, barefoot. Alexis Sanchez is of brave zone, and will be why it left ahead being skillful as it is. Like Messi, it is type of few words, but owner of much regate and much goal. Source of the news: : Alexis Sanchez, the thousands Chilean of regates

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