We took out of a plane, unknown universe and without borders to a universe in expansion, spherical, finite, with four dimensions, without straight lines and where light leaves his Biblical role to become Center of undiscovered mysteries and amazing definitions Guide. The Einstein image against a Board on which is drawn the magic formula of = MC2, it will continue to dominate much of the next century because, although there is much talk of Stephen Hawkin, think that after 45 years of his death, was not born his successor. On the other hand, I think that the woman of the century is, without doubt, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Nothing like she was sacrificed. None as she toured the world, showing humility and working for the poor, the dispossessed, mutilated by quiebrapatas mines, dying of AIDS and the owners of all human misery. Ines Goinxha Bejaxhiu was born into a bourgeois family of Albanian origin from the city, then Turkish (and today capital of the new Republic of Macedonia), Skopje.

But he received the Supreme order of delivering all the destitute. They criticized for receiving silver, bound for his works of unorthodox characters. And the truth was that mattered little to her of where aid came to redeem their poor. Received the dictator Duvalier, but it had also been able to convince Papa Juan XXIII that donate you your Rolls Roys and the organisers of the Nobel save some few the lavish awards ceremony $ destined to those who have nothing. The lone mother Teresa figure, doing good without expecting anything in return, absolutely fleeing to handouts for their heritage, representing humility taught by Christ, giving his life, his being, his heart, his energies for the victims of capitalism, will be a symbol of faith and example to follow, so that humanity can decide to follow the word of God. We finish by our Department. Man of the century is Jose Eustacio Rivera.

Although Jose Eustacio was born in 1888, he managed in the twentieth century, for our region, a very honorable place in the letters and the intelligentsia. He has been the first and largest writer born in our terroir. Say that Jose Eustacio Rivera is huilense swells us the heart, fills us with pride and makes us miss our Department. The newspaper El Tiempo, in its section of characters of the 20th century, said of him and his work: a fundamental part of our world entered in literature is the work of a passionate and generous man who surrendered to his country, which toured, which questioned it and who fought for him; one of those admirable Colombians who always preferred the dignity of knowing the country, share it and love it, rather than petty to simply their own pride. The Huila woman of the century, although my choice cause reactions, is Olga Duque de Ospina. Their glamour, their history hardened in the political struggles of the Huila and its importance at the national level which has led her to be single huilense women hold the positions of Senator, Governor, Minister, makes its culture, worthy of this distinction.

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