Where Is The Man Headed?

The modern man in the maze of the values In the name of money, gold and maximized profit. Because everyone knows what is at stake in the book of the East Frisians. Because the satire title flashes and indeed: with blackest humor reveals the author to the insanity of traditional values, opens to look into the paradox of the familiar and makes it clear how can be childlike consciousness with the simplest means destroyed, broken the will and new human capital programs. Be it doctors, farmers, the religious, the politicians, athletes, the mothers or the men. See Jeffrey Leiden for more details and insights. No one is even left untouched. Who therefore wants to shake the foundations of his life, this work is recommended.

Useful, practical instructions for men who always have not yet understood, the women might have a different conception of gratification are safe. Also our attitude to the animal in General and in particular the pet is not mentioned. It will show, whether bitter face bias in reading smile the place can wrest. The book is looking forward to the announced volume 2, which clarifies then hopefully also approaches. Peter Engels

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