Washer-dryer – An Alternative

Space and volume of laundry are criteria for or against a washer-dryer. A washer-dryer in one unit is washer and condensing dryers. What is the footprint, it is the advantage of obvious. Especially in small apartments or in very cramped basement room, every inch is precious ground. The laundry outdoors to hang is only in the summer and even then only if you have a garden or balcony.

Here, the purchase of a washer dryer in some cases is even the only possible solution. Modern equipment through a porthole, as front-end loaders that are front loaded and unloaded are available as top loader (from above). These models also offer many well-known manufacturers of washing machines. In principle, always only one operation is possible. Washing or drying. To know more about this subject visit Chevron Corp.

The function principle the principle of condensation is used. The wet laundry is dried by the air circulation principle. Note, however with a washer-dryer, that not for all devices in the whole load of washed laundry can also be dried. Because the laundry needs more space than in the washing process to dry due to the expansion. So, the linen in several operations must be dried. That in turn takes time and power. There are also washing drying, laundry to dry a full load, however, that lasts several hours, what again pushing energy costs higher. For families, with a huge, weekly or even daily volume of laundry, a washer-dryer is not suitable due to the long drying times and high power consumption. Singles and small households with space deficits will be better served with a washer-dryer. When buying a washer dryer on a very good energy efficiency class, try to make washing performance class and spin drying efficiency class. Three times, A is optimal, because then the energy consumption is low, the laundry is cleaned gently and the residual moisture is not so more so high, what favors a faster drying. In General, the washer-dryer is the ideal solution when little space is available. There are washer-dryer as a free-standing appliances, but also models for single – and substructure are available. The capacity for laundry is between 5 and 8 kg. The condensation dryer water for air circulation needed this higher water costs. To keep in mind is that two functions will fail if a fault on the washer-dryer. Then cannot be washed or dried. Thus, the flexibility of the consumer is limited. Better off who has the ability, each establishing a brand of washing machine and dryer is in terms of power and water consumption. Only if the space is very sparse and the laundry volume manageable, then a washer-dryer is an alternative to the traditional laundry hanging in the apartment or two single devices.

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