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The degree of humanity of a man is measured by the extent and the intensity of her love for mankind. Ashley Montagu introduction us corresponds to all those who today are still in this planet Earth, distributed in the countries that compose it, enjoy the advancement of the sciences, technologies that increasingly more are dynamic, innovative giving highchair step to new lifestyle habits to behaviour ever perceived by our predecessors. Just one of these advances is manifested in computing with all the technology that has given birth to what has been termed e-marketing, theme that incumbent upon us in this opportunity to analyze, highlighting their relevance, scope, and impact that has generated both for businesses and for consumers. At present definitely as someone will comment, how to do marketing has also changed and the means to do so as fashion changes. Young people every day are more than technology with traditional media.The younger generations prefer to search only the looking on the Internet, read a book on the Internet or wasting time on instant messaging applications that read a physical book in this respect are preferred, Ana Martinez believes, that one of the important facets of Internet nowadays is the redefine trade and traditional consumer models that electronic commerce has affected the financial managementbusinesses and consumers.

It was not easy to convince many that buy for the network is secure, but the information avalanche and the birth of an interesting offer by companies have forced many to leave behind the taboos and launch to explore this wonderful world of electronic shopping. Considerations, scope, impact there is much information on the relevance, the electronic marketing that can also be called to our e-commerce environment. On this, the participant Ana Martinez Professor of marketing for the specialty quality and productivity management graduate program of Faces of the universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, in an open forum on the topic gives us that obviously there are several ways of defining e-commerce, in this regard, Liscano (1997), he defines it as the way by which are performed commercial transactions through cyberspace; Meanwhile BT Electronic Commerce Innovation Center (2004) referred to it as the availability of a business vision supported by advanced information technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness within the business process; whereas for Requena (2004) is not more than any form of commercial transaction, in which the parts interact electronically rather than by direct physical contact or Exchange.

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