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Why? He can slam the door and go look for another company. No, it's not profitable for them. And because each The rules of insurance insurance company their own, individual, and not like the rules of other companies. Are you sure that you are able to cope with it themselves? Insurance broker knows the nuances of how the "Our Father", he not only tells the client to these "little things", but warn him of the consequences. Good '> insurance broker that which accompanies the client professionally in all of the insurance period, not allowing an insurance company refusing to pay, up to represent clients in court, not by throwing him to his fate. Ideally, such a broker is almost like a family member, similar to a family doctor or a lawyer, is already an established fact.

As Typically, an insurance broker is the policies of dozens of insurance companies, with whom he works under the contract and has a power of attorney from these companies. He may issue a policy to the Client, and then not have to last ring up the insurance companies and go to their offices, where his every company will argue that they are the best. Thus it is clear that the broker is holding a competition among insurance companies for the best conditions for insurance his client. Kinda '> a tender. Note the fundamental difference between insurance companies and insurance brokers. Insurance company, like any commercial entity, there is for profit, and broker protects interests of their clients because it works for them. Typically, an insurance broker working with 10-20 insurance companies and offer you several options for your car insurance, property or business. Knowing that you applying not only to him but to his competitors, he will choose for you is really good options, and even a discount offer – part of their commission, which will be received from an insurance company.

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