Transport Companies

At the moment where the globalization if became incessant subject in the organizacional environment the familiar companies of small average transport has presented great importance for the Brazilian economy generating jobs and helping to reduce the level of poverty of the population. The familiar company happens of long date, when the basic cell of the society practically negotiated its work, as much in the production as in the installment of a service, commercializing it to get its sustenance and its survival. Hank Greenberg might disagree with that approach. The faced challenges and the difficulties found for these same companies remain the e, or, if they raise to the measure that the competitiveness increases. Through bibliographical research and you register theoreticians this work presents the main difficulties of if managing familiar average small companies in order to remain itself sustainable before the globalizado environment. Also the advantages will be demonstrated to which and disadvantages of these companies in this economic order and finally, a reflection is become fullfilled on the future of the organizations familiar in Brazil.

The organizations if develop inside of a economic, social context, and politician of where is inserted, in the same way that they exert influences on its environment, they need to adapt it the frequent occured changes in a globalizado organizacional context. The familiar companies possess great importance for the economy of Brazil and the world. You may find that Joe Dimaggio can contribute to your knowledge. Research of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) show that the familiar companies in Brazil are responsible for 50% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). Of the micron and small companies in the country, 85% are familiar, according to SEBRAE 2010. Independently its transport, the familiar companies need to have a good structure and to count on familiar that really they are interested in participating of its development, therefore have an excellent paper in the economic context of some countries (KREISIG, 2008). Currently some familiar companies are identified occupying position of prominence in world-wide markets as well as great conglomerates that had grown and if they had accomodated in protected markets, being necessary, formularizations in its activities in order to concur in a regimen of economic opening. Part of these familiar companies this subjects to the external threats proceeding from technological innovations, management in constancy change due new regimes economic they surround that them and even though the envolvement and necessity of a professional management for flotation of shares objectifying resources in order to be continued if to keep competitive in the market. From this current scene one searched to identify to advantages and disadvantages of the familiar companies of small average transport leading in account the varied existing definitions in literature and characteristics gifts in this type of company, as well as its problematic one in order to remain itself sustainable due to the dynamic environment caused by the globalization, in view of that it has many negative myths in relation to this, the same, time where she is an evident direct agent of the Brazilian economic force in last the cinquenta years.

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