Tax Exemptions

There is no better way to begin in any enterprise adventure that protecting itself in a well-known mark. For that reason mundoFranquicia Consulting, the consulting leader in tax exemptions of our country, gives the pistol shot from exit to its already awaited one and known tour informative days by several Spanish cities with the intention to approach the new entrepreneurs the possibility of developing its own business under the umbrella of the tax exemption. ” With these encounter we want to give precise information to those who shuffles the idea to undertake a business they do so that it through the security that them can provide a recognized mark or and with an image or creada” it comments Mariano Alonso, Partner Director of mundoFranquicia consulting. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili gathered all the information. ” Every time they are more who decide to choose this way of business to introduce itself in the enterprise world, since they feel endorsed by a set of products and services demanded in mercado” City by city Therefore the things the calendar of these encounter is distributed thus: Madrid (1 of June). To this meeting, organized in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and that will begin to the 16,30 hours in the street Shore of Loira 56-58 (more information to call to 91 538 37 03 or to write to), will attend the following tax exemptions: Abbasid Dner Kebab (eaten fast) Atendo (attendance to 3 age) Atlanta Investments (investing in hotel trade tax exemptions) Bioimagen (aesthetic and taken care of personal) Cativos (infantile school) 5Sec (dry cleaners, adjustments ) Meadow Santa Maria (the hotel trade) The Tablera (the hotel trade) Mantero. (home), Innovating Woman (publicity, marketing and Internet) Nemomarlin (Infantile school) Roldn pastry shops (bakery and pastry shop) Prey (vending, publicity, marketing and Internet) Pressto: Dry cleaners, adjustments Segurimagen (clothes, protection and labor security) Only Rents (real estate rent) Volapi tavern (brewery, tapeo ) Tailor & Co (textile adjustments), Top Ten (cafeteria, ice-cream shop) Unide (feeding). Later the turn will arrive at Malaga (8 of June) and Seville (9 of June).

In these three places the structure of the events is the one that follows: 1) Presentation of the Tax exemptions on the part of a mundoFranquicia consultant Consulting: It will last approximated of 60 minutes and will count on an introduction on the part of the local institution and a presentation that will be the responsibility of one of the consultants of mundoFranquicia of each one of the models of business which they comprise of the encounter. ” With this block we looked for that the assistants instruct themselves on which they are the processes that take I finish in a tax exemption. To guide so that they know how to them what to do and what steps to give until getting to have its own tax exemption by all means and, to know explotarla” 2) Individual and customized tables of work of each standard: The standards that go to each day do it of exclusive form in their sector and will have a table in which they will be able to take care of of individual and customized form the entrepreneurs advising to them in the existing proposals.

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