Supreme Commander

A King who is inter alia: King of Spain, count of Barcelona, Lord of Vizcaya and Supreme Commander of the armed forces, at the end of last year traveled to be and make company for a few hours for some of our children that as some point were more kilometre or kilometer less 5.837 miles of our land back and unsynchronized clocks with the square of the Sun in the capital of the Kingdom, the King came time to make a stop and simulating with tray and ladle the twelve chimes and improvised rhythm, took the grapes and drank cava. And they say that about five years ago that we are there stabilizing and facilitating the reconstruction of the country, that as some point (I repeat is not to be forgotten!): this kilometre more or less 5.837 miles of our land but difficult the King has put it to our soldiers when she asked them back with the satisfaction of fulfilled duty to (stabilise and rebuild), and more when they are only a part of the forces of occupation, and we also know what happened the last century, i.e., English, Russians and later American barely had great successes. If we look at the situation a bit, we can see that there are still regions in that country who live the poppy industry and say that it is one of the main pillars of the armed resistance by what the stabilisation and reconstruction could go for long, although it continues to be curious that poppy production, equal to more than half of gross domestic product. If! Seems to be having a major impact on the economy of this country and also so you have it seems that this controlled mostly by the resistance now called insurgents or terrorists and the warlords. Perhaps for that reason, is working in parallel to implement projects that raise integrate nutrition education in schools, accompanied with literacy programmes, as well as other agricultural and rural development projects.

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