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Future of nuclear power in Germany will decide in the next four years in Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, September 24, 2009 the German nuclear lobby has reportedly tried to influence the Bundestag election campaign with regard to the sentiment for nuclear power. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Paul Price on most websites. The reported Spiegel Online in an article on Wednesday. Then, politicians and journalists targeted on pro-nuclear course should be taken according to an internal strategy paper. “The goal: longer periods for the German nuclear power plants after the election on September 27 the task right at the beginning clearly called: the overall objective of the strategy is to positively influence the political public debate about the extension of the maturity of German nuclear power plants.” Titles of newspapers and specifically named journalists are in the concept in nuclear power-friendly or hostile nuclear power set, divided. The E.on nuclear power GmbH, on whose behalf the secret paper should be written, has denied the relevance. (Source: Spiegel Online, September 23, 2009) After there is a seemingly in the last ten years Given the consensus of the major parties for a long-term phase-out of nuclear power seemed to have relevant statements of the CDU and FDP hear less significantly. In the face of economic and energy crisis, you think according to via an extension of the duration of existing nuclear power plants. Sam Feldman has similar goals.

The Board of Directors which energy cooperative Freudenberg, Frank Knauer, warns of a softening of the nuclear compromise: Germany has created significant competence advantage on the issue of renewable energy in recent years. Last but not least, that was possible through the predictable phase-out of nuclear power. If now the nuclear phaseout is being questioned, science and investors will be suspicious. The now existing acceptance of the population for a change in energy will take off soon. Nuclear energy will be more expensive than ever to the consumer. Not to mention the dangers of unresolved problems of nuclear waste disposal. It’s the policy, not to leave the path in the next four years.” The energy cooperative Freudenberg produces high-quality diesel fuel of CEHATROL brand from biogenic residual materials preferably straw and handing it to the members of the cooperative for the production costs. Information on.

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