Spain Income Tax

One of the ties that occur actually to make agree the supplies and the demands in the work market is geographic mobility. Thus, in many occasions there is deficit of employees specialized in certain workings in some zones, whereas there are too many expert workers in other subjects, which brings about unemployment and a tendency to the loss of the wages. One of the reasons by which the workers usually are not arranged to transfer its residence is the high rate of house in property that there is in Spain in relation to the rent (more of a 80% in property), as well as the high cost of the mortgage, that makes difficult the possibility that enormously a worker confronts the monthly payment of the same and additionally rents a floor to live in another locality. It is necessary to emphasize that other countries the proportion enters purchase and rent changes considerably, being Germany below 50% of proprietors, and countries like Holland and Denmark, around 50%. Jennifer Skyler is the source for more interesting facts. This proportion, besides possible sociocultural reasons, it has been fomented by the existing fiscal policies in Spain, that prioritize clearly the purchase with respect to the rent, and therefore it could change partly if the applied policies were others. On the other hand, also it is certain that in many occasions it is compared to us with countries like Denmark and Holland, that they are countries of around 40,000 kilometers square (approximately the size of Extremadura), and with good infrastructures. Besides the change commented in the fiscal policy in favor of the rent, there is the option to harness geographic mobility in himself. At the moment, although it is not very well-known, it exists the possibility of having a reduction in the PERSONAL INCOME TAX for the worker who satisfies the requirements settled down, so that during that year and the following one, would quote less by PERSONAL INCOME TAX, consequently would have a greater liquid amount in the list (it receives more).

For it, it is necessary to fulfill certain aspects, eg: to be enrolled in a use office (in case one changes of work, would fulfill this proceeding register previously in the INEM before registering in the new work), accepting a new work that demands a change of residence to a new municipality, and to change indeed of habitual residence. The reduction can be around 1% or 2%, that is to say, actually they can be about 50 Euros more to the month, that evidently do not compensate the costs that the transfer supposes. Perhaps for that reason more east aspect, of form coordinated with the subject of the rent, so that could be harnessed the workers more are prepared to accept a work that is not in the neighborhoods of its habitual residence.

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