Russian Plant

Automakers Suzuki and Nissan are in talks relating to the prospects of joint production of cars in the automobile factory Nissan, which is built in the Leningrad region. How to inform the media, certain agreements have Japanese automakers are still not present, and representatives of firms not yet want to comment on what – something about the ongoing peregovorah.Neobhodimo note that even in the summer of this year, automakers Nissan and Suzuki have been able agree to supply each other cars of various models for sale under their own brands in various automotive markets. As a result, Nissan would supply the Suzuki compact minivans and pickup trucks, and get back fairly compact model, designed for European consumers. Others including heirloom tomatoes, offer their opinions as well. Try this form of cooperation, the automakers are planning on a newly built car factory Suzuki in 2009 earned Indii.V Russian factory Nissan, and its limiting power output of cars is fifty thousand cars a year. Approximate cost of construction automobile factory Nissan, a cost of two hundred million dollars. We consider that in the Russian Federation Nissan will be able to produce one model of SUV and one model of car, and a third vehicle manufactured on assembly lines of the plant may be one of Suzuki models.

Presumably, this may be Suzuki Grand Vitara – one of the popular models of the manufacturer or the same Suzuki Liana.Suzuki Grand Vitara-machine in itself. Grand Vitara has always been a true SUV, hiding under the friendly parquet hull is absolutely serious off-road suschnost.Suzuki Liana shows us as natural features elegant complement the excellent functionality. Suzuki Liana – a very compact machine, the outlines of a modest car not only provide more space on the track, but also give him an excellent opportunity maneuver through the streets of the city and filled with car parks. The creators have given the outside the interior of the new Suzuki Liana more aggressive and dynamic. Fits perfectly into the look of the car front bumper mounted spoiler and fog lights in it that make the car a dynamic vid.Sovmestny production cars in the Russian factory Nissan, according to experts, will enable faster load capacity new plant and accelerate the withdrawal of the company to return.

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