October 2010 automatically creates intelligent stationery. No more cumbersome template administrations is finite. Previously, you had to work depending on the program with different templates, which were separately to create and maintain. Also, you have taken particularly into consideration on fonts and print settings. That deadline is now. IPaper can be used to use an electronic letter paper much easier and leaner. Design your stationery freely according to your CI with your logos, colors, gradients, fonts, and generate a PDF from this. You create the content of your document, for example an offer in MS Word, your ERP system or other program and produce a document together with the stationery.

About print”against the installed PDF printer is added the layout that you want, so you then have your finished PDF available to the email or to print inserts as technical documentation, the spreadsheet examples in Excel and the last PowerPoint are now summarized in a PDF, as well as Their product data sheets and catalogues. By the way:, the PDF document can be used so easy even for a full text database or be taken over in an archive system. Practical, it can not go. Getting to know we offer two practical solutions. We demonstrate this you you in the home or remotely, so that you can quickly realize the benefits.

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