Political Independence

Ideas that came true when she departed for combat to the jungles of the Congo) for him without freedom, without political independence there could be social justice, there could be no human enhancement. The need for the creation of the new man, a man with a vision unlike the formed by the capitalist society, a man with new values as austerity, sacrifice, self-denial, personal example etc, on this aspect pointed out is not about how many kilograms of meat is eaten or how many times a year can go someone to walk to the beach is not that the individual feels more fulland much more inner wealth with much more responsibility is still necessary to accentuate his conscious participation in all the mechanisms of address and bind it to the need for technical and ideological education development: the process of formation of the guerrillas is an incessant called to the conscience and the honor of every man. Che knew touched the sensitive fibres of the revolutionaries. When Marcos, repeatedly admonished by Che, was warned that he could be expelled dishonourably guerrilla, he replied: before shot; He later gave his life heroically. Similar was the behavior of all the men that put their confidence and saw that the need to reprimand by one way or another in the course of the fight. Fraternal and humane Chief knew also be demanding and sometimes severe, but was in first place and in greater degree than with others, I get same. Che based discipline in the moral conscience of the guerrilla and the tremendous strength of his own example. Che also thought that in the detachment guerrilla participate combatants of various Latin American countries and that the guerrilla in Bolivia was school of revolutionaries who would make their learning in the fighting.

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